User Research Manager

User Research Manager

🧈 About MeetButter

We're building MeetButter - which is like Zoom but laser focused on online workshops, a billion dollar niche of online meetings. We started out in mid-2020 and thousands of people are now running their online meetings and workshops on MeetButter.

We're backed by some of the best investors in Europe and we're looking to bring new team members onboard this journey of making online meetings better than physical ones.

✍️ The Role

We're seeking an impact-oriented, collaborative self-starter to lead the user-centered research for our product. In this role, you will support ideation, product development and optimisation through generative and evaluative research. You'll be in charge of understanding the nitty-gritty about our customers, turning data into insights-driven stories, and inspiring the rest of the MeetButter team to turn good ideas into great solutions for the customers. You will be working closely with the product team to validate whether these solutions are a go from early-on through different research methodologies and UX practices. In this role, your customer empathy, curiosity, analytical mindset and storytelling skills are key.

You'll be reporting in directly to our Head of Growth & User Research. We're still a small team so expect a hands on position.

Cheska, Head of Growth & User Research
Cheska, Head of Growth & User Research

⚙️ Your Responsibilities

  • Manage and conduct user research to provide great answers to outstanding questions, and connect qualitative and quantitative data into inspiring insights. Work with the team and follow up to make sure insights are acted on.
  • Work closely with growth and product team to identify research topics, and plan and implement the overall user research strategy and methods. Be the owner of all research and insighting documentation, including but not limited to user personas, customer journey maps, feedback analysis, empathy maps, etc.
  • Act as the voice of the user, and challenge the team in finding solutions for the right problems. Ensure that the teams have great empathy about the users, and develop and defend a point of view about them that helps influence product decisions.
  • Define and own the research and insighting process, structure and overall ways-of-working against the product development cycle — structure the research lifecycle, build methodological competencies and innovate our ways of working/understanding at MeetButter.

💪 Your qualifications

  • 3-5+ years of experience and proven track record in a UX research-focused function in a SaaS startup or innovation hub
  • Experience with building qualitative and user-centered design research from the ground up — and willing to get your hands dirty in order to fully understand the users. Able to plan and execute a wide variety of studies independently across the entire product lifecycle — from interviews, usability tests, studies, workshops, experimental methodologies, etc. Good grasp of quantitative data also preferable.
  • A knack for formulating the right questions, knowing the best research methodology to answer it, and synthesising the findings in a succinct and actionable way.
  • Excellent storytelling skills that allow you to deliver user insights and influence decisions across all levels and teams.
  • Curious, collaborative, insights-driven and not afraid to stand up for the users' point-of-view.
  • Awesome critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong sense of ownership and a "can-do" attitude to get things done
  • Humility and eagerness to learn and grow

🏖️ Benefits

  • Fully remote team: Work from wherever you want - forever
  • Flexible work hours: We care about how much you get done - not how much you work or when you do it
  • Equipment support: $500 to set up your home office and ensure you have the equipment you need to do your job well!
  • Unlimited paid vacation: People in MeetButter can take as many days off as they need - and we strongly encourage to do so
  • Health Insurance: We either pay or give support towards health insurance (depending on where you live and what you need)
  • Self-development budget: We allocate a budget to each team member to ensure we all have the best opportunities to develop

🤩 Ready to join us?


To apply, please fill out this short form! Be ready to include: - LinkedIn profile (or resume) - Examples or descriptions of previous work - A few lines (or maybe a Loom vid) on why you're excited about MeetButter

🌏 The Butter vibe

We never take ourselves too seriously, and we believe that is for the better! A few silly vibes make the workplace a much nicer place. Especially when you're a fully remote team across 4 countries and 3 time zones 🇮🇩 🇲🇾 🇩🇪 🇩🇰.

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🙏 Our values


Be bold and adventurous We believe that nothing good comes from simply copying what other folks are doing. To truly build the future experience of complex meetings, you need to think radically different - and we celebrate that kind of thinking at MeetButter!


Make the world smaller We want to work with the best people - regardless of where they live in the world, what their background is or what their beliefs are. We believe that by building a team of diverse individuals, we'll build a product that by its nature is truly global!


Embrace silliness We NEVER take ourselves too seriously, and we believe that is for the better! A few silly vibes make the workplace a much nicer place - and honestly we just can't help ourselves... We also have way too many butter based puns...


Open minded and open hearted We want even the newest of employees or the freshest of interns to feel comfortable to state their thoughts and opinions. Great ideas and insights can come from anywhere, and we want to encourage this!