Content Lead

Content Lead

🧈 About Butter

At Butter, we believe in powering high-energy and effective collaboration through smooth and delightful experiences. Our goal is to build the world's most engaging, interactive and fun all-in-one platform for delivering virtual workshops, tapping into a billion dollar niche of online meetings.

The first pixels and lines of code were pushed in May last year. We've grown our small initial group to a team of 18 awesome people across 9 countries and have secured backing by some of the best investors in Europe 🤘 Now, we're looking for more great talent!

✍️ The Role's Mission


Craft and implement a delightful, compelling end-to-end content strategy to drive Butter's user acquisition, retention and activation

Content at Butter goes hand-in-hand with our brand of delightful, energetic, quirky design. We believe that it's essential to building a well-loved, inspiring and resonant brand. One of our strengths is that our brand does not conform to the norm — and in this role, you'll land a mission to connect with an even bigger audience and turn them into Butter advocates in every way possible.

We are looking for someone passionate about crafting delightful, bold and immensely helpful content to appeal to different types of users in each step of their journey. Ideally, you are someone who has previously helped brands build their unique voice to retain and activate users, and fuelled the creation of content that is both surprising and strategic.


Hello, I'm Cheska! 👋

As the Content Lead, you will grow our userbase through a high-impact narrative and driving end-to-end content marketing activities that bring Butter to life. You'll primarily be in charge of owned content assets, and work together with internal and external collaborators to have a cohesive channel strategy. You'll need to build a strong understanding our goals and audiences, and know how to measure which activity drives the most value (and act on it).

In this role, you'll be working closely with Cheska, our Chief Growth Officer. We're still a small team so expect a hands-on position.

⚙️ Your Responsibilities

  • Build and implement a content strategy across our owned channels to build Butter's brand, and successfully impact our key business and customer metrics.
  • Develop a deep understanding of our audiences, product and goals to define compelling and strategic messaging.
  • Create a quarterly content and distribution plan, and produce relevant assets together with the internal team and external collaborators — from social, email, videos, playbooks, knowledge & help docs, website/landing pages, campaigns, tactical PR activities, etc.
  • Build content infrastructure that's ready for scale - including guidelines, workflows, tools and channels that allow us to build content in a more efficient and effective way.
  • Plan and implement thought leadership content for the brand and also individual executives.
  • Help drive adoption and grow the Butter community we're building by collaborating with the Growth & Product teams to bring Butter's value proposition to life. Leverage the right experts and influencers to help tell and amplify stories.
  • Identify and surface trends and insights from content engagement.
  • Be our content champion and nerd, and nudge and inspire the team to share content angles they think would be relevant to our audiences. Develop style guides and guidelines that enable our teams to create content.

💪 Your Profile

  • 5+ years of relevant experience and proven success with developing and implementing a full-funnel content marketing strategy, preferably for a similar industry or product. Strong portfolio demonstrating a knack for snappy headlines and informational and inspiring content that make people think or smile!
  • Excellent writing and communication skills with a flair for Butter's brand vibe — your GIF and emoji game butter be as strong as your puns (and you need to be able to churn out lines that are better than that one). Native level English language skills are a must.
  • Ability to match insights with creativity to craft content that inspires action. Able to make informed, strategic decisions around content that drives customer value. Passionate about understanding audience personas and telling stories in a way that's delightful to them.
  • Comfortable with writing and executing on different content formats - from social posts, knowledge docs, videos, blog posts, emails, etc..
  • Knows how to partner with cross-functional teams and manage external parties to produce compelling stories.
  • Stays up to date with the latest trends that could help us build a strong content vibe. Willing to experiment to find out what sticks.
  • Creative, inspiring and bold are how people should be describing you.
  • Strong sense of ownership and a "can-do" attitude to get things done.
  • Experience in working in a fast-paced environment — and preferably, with a remote team.

🏖️ Benefits

  • Fully remote team: Work from wherever you want - forever
  • Flexible work hours: We care about how much you get done - not how much you work or when you do it
  • Equipment support: $500 to set up your home office and ensure you have the equipment you need to do your job well!
  • Unlimited paid vacation: People in Butter can take as many days off as they need - and we strongly encourage to do so
  • Health Insurance: We either pay or give support towards health insurance (depending on where you live and what you need)
  • Self-development budget: We allocate a budget to each team member to ensure we all have the best opportunities to develop
  • Acknowledgment: you are encouraged to feature your impressive work on Butter's Medium Engineering blog

🤩 Ready to join us?


To apply, please fill out this short form!

Be ready to include:

- LinkedIn profile (or resume) - Examples or descriptions of previous work (i.e. content strategy/campaign, as well as specific samples of the following: social, email, videos, playbooks, knowledge & help docs, website/landing pages, campaigns, tactical PR activities, etc.) - A few lines (or maybe a Loom vid) on why you're excited about Butter

🌏 The Butter vibe

We never take ourselves too seriously, and we believe that is for the better! A few silly vibes make the workplace a much nicer place. Especially when you're a fully remote team across 9 countries 🇮🇩 🇲🇾 🇩🇪 🇩🇰 🇳🇬 🇺🇸 🇵🇹 🇷🇴 🇦🇪 and 5 time zones

Meet the gang 👇


🙏 Our values


Be bold and adventurous We believe that nothing good comes from simply copying what other folks are doing. To truly build the future experience of complex meetings, you need to think radically different - and we celebrate that kind of thinking at Butter!


Make the world smaller We want to empower facilitators to host the most amazing online workshops - and we believe this will enable people in Denmark to learn from best-in-class instructors in the US, or workshops consisting of people of dozens of nationalities.


Open minded and open hearted We want even the newest of employees or the freshest of interns to feel comfortable to state their thoughts and opinions. Great ideas and insights can come from anywhere, and we want to encourage this!


Embrace silliness We NEVER take ourselves too seriously, and we believe that is for the better! A few silly vibes make the workplace a much nicer place - and honestly we just can't help ourselves... We also have way too many butter based puns...